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Great Ben. Big Grin
anybody has contact to damian?
I hope not that sphere will not be dead.
If yes what about open source *fg*
Contact with half of the development team and Damian has been lost. We cannot go open source unless Damian tells us we can. Sorry. If we receive any contact or get permissions to allow for open source or hiring anyone, we will let the community know.
whats the go with sugar and torfo? I thought that the majority of the decision making was to be made by sugar now.
Nope. We all are equals according to him a year ago. So with them absent I guess it's down to ShiryuX and I.
i don't think going opensource will be a good idea if people will start to develop new "forks" of sphere .

We are already a small community and fragmenting it will cause only troubles imho .
I perfectly agree. Better to hire help than go open source Big Grin
Better go open source than no development at all. I see no reason to not do it.
People will start to fork the official distro? Yes, but some of them will help to improve it.

Going open source will also help in the lack of documentation (the wiki is not enough).

The pros overweight the cons.
Go and complain at Damian's door, sacrifice some goats or pray to a mystic Totem. WE CANNOT DO ANYTHING about it!
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