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Yes you're right but also this site should be google friendly by itself and it's content. As I can see we're missing some meta tags here, I just checked out the code and that's why when you type even spherecommunity.net on google, you won't find anything about it. By mentioning the keywords also helps for the indexing process.

Shiryux or Ben can add this lines later when they get on:
<meta name="Description" content="SphereCommunity.net is a project held by members from Sphere Server a popular shard emulation software for Ultima Online. Here you can find several Sphere projects such as Tools for Developer/GM/Player, the well known Wiki, scripts, etc. " />
<meta name="Keywords" content="sphere, server, sphereserver, emulator, community, spherecommunity, sphereserver.net, spherecommunity.net, ultima, online, UO, scp, free, freeshard, private, " />
Agreed. Good checking.
Add UO, Free, server, spherecommunity.net, SCP; in that keyword list as well.
Don't keywords take more than one word in a string Valios? If I remember right anyhow. Dolt. I had sphereserver.com on my facebook gaming group I run.
Done yesterday Big Grin
I updated the content with some of the words you mentioned there
Yes, personally I prefer to use them separately unless it's something very specific. I just don't remember if the search engine restrict the search so that the keywords must appear consecutively in a phrase if you put the words together.
You guys are awesome Big Grin
Not too sure Valios. Thanks ShiryuX. We appreciate it.
I'm here too. I doubt I'll be active much, but I'll be checking in now and then for old times' sake. And to see how the community is developing of course. It's nice to see you guys resurrecting the old girl once more. Tongue
As a great contributor, the team and the community in general will be happy with your support and we hope to keep counting on you more often. Welcome back jeem!
I've been wondering what had happened for a few weeks. Finally found y'all. (Please excuse my southern expressions) Anyway, I'm glad to see that people are stepping up and pulling together. I've never run a live server (and probably never will), but tinkering with sphere scripts has been one of my favorite hobbies for almost a decade now....boy I'm feeling old...I'll look through my archives over the next week or two and see what old stuff I might still have.
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