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Through careful deliberations between Julian and I and several other veteran members; we would like everyone who was using sphereserver.net forums to join here and use these forums. Sphere has gone down and possibly for good forum wise. The downloads are still accessible. I will be posting links to those soon.

We will be re-purposing the forums as soon as possible to emulate the other forums. We do not have the back up files to add in the old forum posts. We are sorry for that inconvenience.

This is probably the most stable forum we have that doesn't go down every month or so.

Please consider this change. We have rallied this community many times. You all shall notice a big change in interactions from developers and staff here versus before.

Thank you,
It's always good to have more than one alternative, and not only for emergencies, but things happen like I said in Sshare. We have to preserve our friends from sphere, our community... In some way or another we're still alive

Welcome everyone, and sorry for the delay advertising this forum. Spread the word!
Done, I posted the message at the top of spherewiki so everyone can see the info. Hope this helps...
I linked this even in the sphere italian community Big Grin(it's very small) .

Edit : If possibile , you should add to this site a link to the downloads page of sphereversion.
I'll see about adding those in later today Smile
(03-13-2012 01:48 PM)Valios Wrote: [ -> ]Done, I posted the message at the top of spherewiki so everyone can see the info. Hope this helps...
I've translated it into German for the German wiki site. It would be helpfull if the other languages are also translated.
P.S.: Thanks for the template Valios Smile
Actually this is a Shiryux and Ben masterpiece, they did all the work with design and programming. Anyways I'm still being the sexy one Smile
just hope more people come back but i think it will die in the end....
It won't, people will manage themselves to find this website somehow. Also we are doing all the possible in our hands to make it easier for everyone to come. We appreciate all your collaboration and patience, everyone here is an important piece for this community. So let's keep in touch!

By the way, let's help google to find us by mentioning Sphere Server and http://www.sphereserver.net a hundred times! Ok, I'm just kidding (But I'm so serious)

Sphere Server, sphere server, sphereserver, sphereserver.net, sphereserver.com, http://sphereserver.net... alalalalal Sphere Server...
When I was a boy... Sphere Server Smile
Actually, I am the sexiest.

On a serious note. The best way to this site to the top 10 and sphereserver is link backs. For anyone who has a facebook, twitter, myspace, youtube, etc accounts; provide links to this site and sphere. The more the sites are linked back, hyperlinks are clicked, or the site is mentioned; it raises that said site in the google list.

Valios. You should know this. It is standard SEO knowledge. :-P

Sphere won't die. I won't let it. I haven't let it die in all of these years. I'm not about to let it go down now.
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