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actually that post you mentioned is 5 months old Big Grin


i wonder if damian seen that Big Grin
Oh geez yeah I was just scanning through....

Ok so Human sacrifice is the way to go then... unless you perhaps have a unicorn Big Grin
Any more news yet folks ??
Not really, no.
(09-04-2012 03:40 AM)ShiryuX Wrote: [ -> ]Not really, no.

Lord ShiryuX, is that hard add a 'modvalue' for items, and it affect the item's value in the buy/sell system?
We don't have anything to override the items values :/
(09-04-2012 03:40 AM)ShiryuX Wrote: [ -> ]Not really, no.
I'm totally respecting Damian and your development team, I'm understanding about the time, work etc., but... what really are you planning to do?
In the worldwide Sphere is totally losing war with RunUO. We have relatively strong Sphere community in Russian internet section(RU-UA-LV), also may be 5-10 living Sphere shards with online in the worlds and this is all. We had this topic: http://forum.spherecommunity.net/showthr...p?tid=1485
Result: nobody is accepted from people, who are answering in topic.
Are you really have so much active developers, who are actively working?
Open source, as RunUO? No, it is not possible for Sphere.
Ok, any new developers? Now we don't need its, we already have the big active team.
Ok, may be any updates? No, sorry, we have to learn, work etc. We don't have the time.
I'm sorry, but this is really LOL. Confused
Agreed with wap about you say you got full team or dont need more devs if your busy why not hire some one who can be active ??

Also where are the updates??

taken from revisions of the nightly build

Quote:25-07-2012, Coruja (script pack)
- Updated #2069: sphere_map_points3.scp (added missing teleports in Doom)

Nothin have been updated since over a month and nothin ????
There was an update the 30th august, but it's not on the revision but in the svn log

PHP Code:



Fixed typo in previous attempt to fixing animation above 400 not displaying properly

He is working in problem about spells currently.
i never see them around ne more on here or changing stuff .... many people dont post here i for one dont post for help as not many people here... also alot of bugs for me in the latest releases with new client and so forth but i guess its just awaiting game untill devs are not busy i guess....
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