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Maybe in a slowy way but i think everybody will found this place Big Grin .

I noticed that the spherewiki it's "invaded " by spam bots Shock
I haven't checked on wiki lately. I do need to back it up and make a downloadable PDF for all of the sphere members.

@Jeem: We won't ever let Sphere decay. ShiryuX and I are the ones who entice people to be active Big Grin

@Nachtmusique: You should consider scripting for someone then Smile
Look like SugarCube took care of alot of bots on the wiki today.
So the purple aliens didn't kidnapped him after all Tongue Good news then
also here!
hello there!
Welcome back Admin Phoenix!!! Smile
i think that sphereserver link, on the top menu, should point to the release part of old sphere's website Shock
I agree. ShiryuX or Ben can alter that.
I'll get on that tonight... my lunch break is almost over!
Thanks Ben. I will be sure to remind you if I see you online through my phone. Bad news too btw. Message me on msn when you get the chance.
Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
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