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Very shortly, I will have to update the php version of the site from php5 to php7. This is causing some issues with some of the sites code so bare with me while I fix it. It is possible that some pages will not be available during that time.

Update is complete!

I'm pretty sure I got all the errors, but if I missed any, please report them here.
You can copy the error message, or say what page it's on.
that's nice, PHP 7 is faster and more secure than PHP 5 Big Grin

no errors found (at least for now), just an single error not related to php: the GitHub button here on top of the page is pointing to https://github.com/orgs/Sphereserver/dashboard/ but the correct url is https://github.com/SphereServer/
When i try to access my profile by cliking my username in the "Welcome back, darksun84" i get the following error:

Fatal error: 'break' not in the 'loop' or 'switch' context in /www/htdocs/w00c64b9/forum/inc/functions_time.php on line 463

Instead, clicking other users profiles seems to work fine.
both should be fixed
Unfortunately, the wiki has to go through the same update. We are being forced by the host to update by the 21st of this month.
This one seems to be a little more complicated as the wiki software is very outdated.
The wiki has now been updated too. I had to update the mediawiki version to the latest to allow php7.
It has also been moved to the spherecommunity domain but all link to wiki.sphere.torfo.org will still work and redirect to wiki.spherecommunity.net
For nation flags, empty flag and northern cyprus flags aren't working.

Northern Cyprus Flag:
[Image: 255px-Flag_of_the_Turkish_Republic_of_No...us.svg.png]
Northern Cyprus is fixed... I see nothing wrong with Empty flag...
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