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some ideas to make the downloads page better:
  • remove button "LibMySQL.dll for Windows 32bit" (libmysql.dll is now included inside nightly builds zip)
  • remove button "Win32 Build Logs" and "Linux Build Logs" (this compiler changelog is only relevant to devs, which also uses github and github already have these compiler changelogs)
  • add button "Nightly builds changelog" (this changelog is relevant to nightly build users)
Ben - an easy way to do this would be run just run vestacp on your server. Why I really like vestacp is primarily because its free easy to install and you only need to install the components you actually need to keep resources at a minimum NGINX and php should be installed together however you can skip all the unneeded extras like dovecot spamassasin aswell as the dns server. The other great thing is the support thats given - If you run into trouble you can pay the developer a few dollars and he will personally log into your server and fix any issues what is very important as I run my business webserver on it. At a minimum you just need to install nginx php and mysql to run a site like this as you dont need to run an email server with all its extras. It just makes future updates and adding domains a breeze in the future as you get a nice control panel to use in the future.
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