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Sometimes, while playing, a guy is just two screens apart from a friend, and no matter how much both of them shout on teamspeak, they still can't find each other.

Either while under attack and calling for help, exploring the world, or just trying to meet, those situations probably happen a thousands times a day.

What this script does is add an Arrow Quest to your screen, pointing to the player you are currently tracking.

You can only track guild or party members, and to start tracking a player all you have to do is type ".starttracking <Player Name>". This will search in your party and guild members for the desired player name. If it exists, you will start tracking right way, without the player even needing to accept it (Hence why the player must be your guild or party member. There shouldn't be a problem with being followed.).

If the player you want to start tracking is right at your front, don't bother typing his name. Simply type ".starttracking" without any <Player Name> and manually target the desired player to start tracking him.

Typing ".stoptracking" will immediately stop the tracking.

Left-clicking the Arrow Quest will return the Player Name you are tracking and its current Region Name.

Right-clicking the Arrow Quest will stop the tracking to that player.

As for the player being tracked, typing ".trackerlist" will return the names of the players currently tracking him.

Typing ".stoptracker <Player Name>" will stop that player tracking. Typing only ".stoptracker" without any <Player Name> will stop all players currently tracking you from tracking. (This just stops the track, doesn't prevent the player from tracking you again right away).

You can only track one player at a time, but you can be tracked by as many as those who wish to track you. You may also track each other.

I don't see this as a replacement for the tracking skill, because although being a lot more accurate, it only allows you to track/be tracked by a very specific group of people.

If you are interested in this script I would recommend some tests, because I didn't extensively test it myself.

If you feel that players may not want to be tracked right away without even having to accept it, you can always add it. Either a dialog or a response command, anything.

Or, even simpler, and I think this may the best for the majority of the servers, remove the guild members code lines and then the players will only be track-able by party members. As long as they accept the party then they also accept that they may be tracked. If they are unhappy with it they can always leave the party and type .stoptracker.

Both players get notifications when start/stop tracking. Logging out or dying will cancel all trackings/trackers.

Have fun.
It seems a rescripted part of the tracking skill Big Grin

You should do this on the tracking system.
But nice script as always! Smile
Very nice, thanks for sharing.
Thanks for sharing, will try.
thank you
ty sir
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