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As I promised, the new vSCP with a revamped GUI and functionality is now available to download. I invite everyone to download it and also to take a look to the other tools sponsored by this project (Here)

Read a short description for all of them below.

1. vSCP 2012 (Valios):
vSCP is the most complete and up-to-date syntax editor for sphere scripting. It does contain syntax highlighting, autocomplete, folding markers to specify blocks of code that can expand or collapse, bookmarks, autoindent, find/replace/gotoline engine, help guide for all the sphere elements added to your code, and more!


2. vServerLauncher 2012 (Valios):
Install and run the latest build of sphereserver in a few clicks.


3. vCrypter 2012 (Valios):
Type the client version and the tool will calculate/return the correct UO login keys for classic or enhanced clients.


4. SphereService (Ben - Valios):
Relaunch SphereSvr.exe everytime it closes/crashes (Option to Enable/Disable it included)
Automatically runs at windows startup executing at the same time the SphereSvr.exe (Option to Enable/Disable it included)
Silent run on background and minimized to Tray


5. Axis (Ben)
The best GM tool around and the most popular sphere 3rd party tool with a long tradition and development over the years.
Good work man, thank you
Thanks to all of you for the support Smile
Genial estos programas, sobre todo para los que empezamos ^_ ^
omg this is so good! finnaly Sphere its refreshing its news!!
Hi all,

I have a trouble with Vscp tool. It's about the "background color of selected text". Its color is like a soft green and sometimes I cant recognize which text I've selected. So I've searched about changing its color but couldnt find anything.

Can anyone help me about this topic ?
Hi kilopi_3142.
If there isn't an option to change this setting, you probaly will be stuck on it because Valios disappeared Sad

Try notepad++ with sphere syntax, you can find the thread using the search button.
Hi Extreme,
Thank you for the fast response.
Vscp doesnt have an option for this or I couldnt find it.

Now I'll try your advice, thank you again.
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