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Hi again Smile
If you check regularly the forums, you should have seen some posts about something called SphereCommunityRealms. The idea is to create a hand-written and checked server list in the first place (if this is a success we may think in an automatic system).

We're gonna start the first stage, gather information about the server of the community users. The lists are gonna be divided in 3 main groups:

Community (Pack & Nightly) Realms
These servers have been created using SCP as a base and of course, you're running the latest sphere version (nightly) from the SVN. The servers in there should be the best in the "market" and you'll be "sponsored" by SphereCommunity. The requirements are the following:
- Use SphereCommunityPack
- Use Sphere Nightly Builds
- Willing to help as "live test center" for SphereCommunity. (You'll be able to test bug fixes before sending them to the SVN, this helps the developers and the rest of the community a lot)

- You'll have contact with the Developers.
- You'll contribute in the development of the utility as test center and/or bug reporter (live shards tend to find more bugs than people testing in their homes).
- Your server will appear in the main page, "sponsored".

Community Nightly
The second category uses the Nightly build for their shard. Not necessary to use SCP (though, you're free to use some scripts of the pack). These servers should have a decent user base and a friendly community, the users knows each other, you're willing to improve, etc. Four of these realms will appear in the top 5 of the list section. Requirements:
- Use Sphere Nightly Builds
- Willing to help in the bug testing process.

- Contact with the Developers for fast bug reporting.
- Your help will contribute to the development of the whole community.

Servers that use Sphere, doesn't matter which version or build. You should have a nice user base and of course, a they must love Sphere Tongue
The top 3 of this section will go to a RAND(3) and the chosen one will appear as the fifth server of the Top 5 server list (read the section above), anyway, in the same page you'll find these servers. Ordered by the following criteria:
- Contributions to the Community
- User base and Live time
Note that Contributions is the MAIN criteria.

Where do I send my server details?
Email the following info to realms@spherecommunity.net
- Server name, web and login info.
- Create a PLAYER account for testing and attach the info.
- Server Type: (Which can be)
* Classic (Old School UO, Mix of PvP/PvM/Craft)
* Role-Playing (Well, Role-Playing servers)
* PvP (You have PvM but you focus on PvP)
- Banner (480x85 pixels - NO ANIMATIONS!)
- Server Category: Community Realms, Community Nightly or Community.

Have a suggestion? Have better ideas?
Post it or send it to the mail in my signature. We're open to changes and we build it with the contributions and idea of every member. For example, some users suggested to create a Spawned World for SCP, you can make the arrangements or volunteer to organize it and we will give you all the support needed Smile

Thank you,
cool, i'll ask my shard admin if he want to share infos... but at the moment we are on 51a, and working to move on 56b
brilliant idea =]
one question..... if i understood, the "server list" should be something like this:

but only for sphere emus, right?
Something similar, that web looks like an automatic system, we're thinking in doing an automatic system for the "Community" Category.
For example, the top 4 of that web should be from Community Nightly, the following 3 are the top 3 from Community.
In the main page, below the three blocks of the right, the banners of the Community Realms section will appear.

And yes, only Sphere shards.
Let me clarify something to everyone, sponsored doesn't mean we're going to host your servers. The term sponsored is used by the topsites for other purposes. (i.e: you pay to distinguish your site from the others no matter what your rank is, benefits in some cases are being at the top of the site, bold titles, highlighted description or a bigger banner).
In other words I would rather call it "certified sphere servers".

I have to congratulate the initiative and the hard work from all the team improving sphere with all these amazing ideas and our community with their support, some of our elder members that are still with us, thank you. We appreciate it and we're glad to count with you all.

@Shiryux: There are files I have to send to you and Ben and some inputs from my part to share for the next week.

Best regards
We don't use the name Sphere Server in here, this is Sphere Community Tongue
True, it's the habit. So I correct now... "certified by the sphere community" Big Grin
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