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corrupted saves 56b
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corrupted saves 56b
My sphere has been strangely lately ...
I noticed that from time to time, my saves are "corrupted", some things do not save, or when I renicio the sphere, items disappear, tags disappear, until my plevel disappeared, my account with plevel 7 appeared with plevel 1
Account passwords have also broken ... including mine, when you try to connect, it says that the passwords are wrong or invalid and that there was no change
but this does not happen with all the players and not all the decor items added on the map ..
only some from some region or some accounts ...
another thing is also that I tested some scripts in the current save of my server and some functions did not work (GENERATEDOOM of the doom dungeon script)
but when I was testing on an older save from my server, the function worked ... is there any way my save is buggy? or corrupted?

my sphere is 56b and the script pack same
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09-28-2018 06:51 AM
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RE: corrupted saves 56b
unfortunately 56b is too unstable to use it today. It was the latest sphere about 5~9 years ago, but today it turned into a old obsolete version because after all these years tons of new bugs/exploits got found. Many bugs got fixed on 56c and many others got fixed on 56d. So 56b still vulnerable to all these bugs/exploits, while 56d is secure against all these bugs/exploits

anyway, you can try check if your sphere.ini have SaveBackground=0 because background save can corrupt the worldsave if for some reason the server crash during the background worldsave (which can last for more than 30min saving on background). But I'm quite sure your problem is not related to sphere worldsave, probably it should be someone abusing some kind of exploit, because here on brazil all servers have players that will spend 24hr/day searching new exploits just to bring the server down. That's why I always recommend all servers move to 56d, security is a must-have, not a optional feature
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10-01-2018 10:49 AM
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RE: corrupted saves 56b
Yes 56b can easy be crushed.

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10-20-2018 08:53 AM
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