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Ultima Online Extended
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Ultima Online Extended
Hi there

I have been working for a long time on my server. First of all it was a Survival/zombie/realistic server. I have redone it from 0 like 8 times.
Now it something total different, something I call ULTIMA ONLINE EXTENDED.

I´m not looking for staff, my server dosnt need staff.
What I need is people who want to contribute with scripts, gumps, animations ats or anything they think this project need to have.
This is a very big project that I will never have enought time to do all I want.

This is a non-profiteable project, I dont do this for money it is just my hobby.So there will never be Rewards for donations.

So please, If anyone want to share something with this project let me know.
I´ll give credits and thx in the web and ingame in the hall of fame.
I dont want you to do the work instead me, Just a little help or guide.

About the server:
No donation system *
No insure
Skill gain Very Easy
statcap 115->???? (depends which body and perks you have)
Hardcore for dummies
Survival for dummies
Custom Fame/karma/criminal System
Custom pvp
Custom PK system
Custom Death System
Custom Guild/factions system
New map system (underground, ground and sky)
Custom Magery System (+15 mage variations)
Custom Backpack System (un/equip)
Custom Bows/xbows/firearms
Custom Perks System more than 80 perks to select.
Custom body system (play as human, animal, monster, ogre, arachnics)
Custom PortalRoom system
Custom Posion System
Technology System Custom
Custom Radio system (999 channels for players and npcs)
Bounty Hunter System So custom
And much more things that I cant even remember. There are lots of things.

World Context: Everything went wrong in Sosaría. Discover what happened by yourself. Almost all citys are dungeons.

What I need?

[script section]
-Role content (books, papers, background storys)
-QUests (many many simple quests and quest system)
-Usable items. (any kind you think I could be interested)
-Top fameous player
-Nice multis.
-German RadioDJ (for German NPC radio channel)
-Portugues radioDJ (same but portugues)

[source sections]
-Fliying ships system (I cant do this without help)
-Clean all the code and checks I´m not going to use.

[arts section]
-Any rifle or pistol animation
-Better healing effect (sparkles are so uglys)
-Aliens Animation (ufo1 enemy Unknow)

[Map Section]
-Improve abandoned citys
-Improve Isles borders
-Underground map (britain and trinsic sewers and some caves)

Well this is all for now. If you want to colaborate with anything plz just tell me. Everybody that contribute with interesting things will receive a Tester account, and a link to download the client.

Here u got some old videos where I test some system one year ago. Now system are much better. But U can take a look about what I am doing.
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03-09-2017 10:19 AM
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