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Housing - Mordaunt - 09-12-2012 02:42 AM


Housing System
V2.2 onwards uses LISTS and therefore requires a version of sphereserver which supports this functionality (56b newer than 01/02/2009 or 56c)

This script does away with the need for keys to access a house, everything runs from the housing menu.
Will allow you to switch from a standard house to a custom foundation of the same size.
Allows players to put their houses up for sale via the sign so that another player may purchase it.
Supports Crius' Static housing script, static houses cannot decay and so once their timer expires they automatically are put back up for sale (read installation instructions)
Houses can be set to allow all characters on the owners account to automatically be granted full access.
Extra door option allows players to add extra doors in those obvious spaces in castles & keeps.
Customize your house sign.
Place/change your sign holder (static buildings only)
Players can purchase extra storage space & friend/co-owner slots, up to a maximum number which is based upon the size of the building.
Set chests & doors for use based upon privilege levels in the house, by UID or based upon Guild membership when the house has been declared a Guild House.
House Maintenance fee can be made to be region specific, allowing for high value and low value zones.

Main Menu:
[Image: 2jfygrp.jpg]

Security: Add remove friends/co-owners make house public (shop) or convert to guild (look, in use at one of the static buildings in Britain)
[Image: 35b84m9.jpg]

Storage: (Storage in any house may be increased by 100%, this also increases house value, original storage limit based on house size)
[Image: 2i6e6f.jpg]

[Image: bds02b.jpg]

Ownership Menu: (Administrative options only visible to staff)
[Image: 2mhackh.jpg]

Custom sign design & color
[Image: 6nrsjt.jpg] [Image: 2uxy0ow.jpg]

Maintenance rates by region - -when activated(fully adjustable)
(standard rates)
[Image: aeqigy.jpg][Image: 2rwt7cg.jpg]

And now when the new estate tax applies:
linear rate setting shown (2)
[Image: 2lsxxso.jpg]

Note: The main page of the dialog only shows the standard property tax rates by design

Quote:Instructions - because things are getting complicated.
Though it's not as complex as these instructions may seem

Taxes & Fees: (or.. how to remove money from your economy without a riot)

Property Tax (previously called Maintenance):

To turn on set the DEFNAME property_tax to a figure other than 0 (by default it is set to 10)
This figure is the percentage of the HOUSE VALUE that it will cost players to refresh their house each period as set in DEFNAME can_decay.
This percentage rate can be overridden on a regional basis by setting region.tag.maintenance_override in a region of your chosing.
If a house is placed in a region where region.tag.maintenance_override exists, property tax will be charged an that percentage of HOUSE VALUE.
region.tag.maintenance_override may be higher or lower than the default DEFNAME property_tax

Estate Tax: (new for v2.2 coming soon)

Once a player has more than DEFNAME estate_tax they become subject to additional fees each month to refresh EVERY house.
These fees are based upon the number entered into DEFNAME estate_rate which is again a percentage of the HOUSE VALUE
This percentage is also overridden by any region.tag.maintenance_override for the region in which the house was placed.
By default this setting is NOT active when you download the script. Change DEFNAME estate_tax to a number greater than zero (3 is nice) to turn it on.
If DEFNAME account_house_limit is set to a number other than zero, this number being the hard limit on the number of houses allowed PER ACCOUNT, then DEFNAME estate_tax must be set to a value lower for it to come into effect.

There are 2 scales for estate tax, this is set in DEFNAME estate_calc.
If DEFNAME estate_calc is set to 1, a player is subject to estate tax on a flat rate based upon DEFNAME estate_rate or region.tag.maintenance_override should it exist.
In setting 1 players can own as many houses as they wish and only realistically have to pay twice what they would pay without estate tax. This setting is cheaper for player with lots of houses.
If DEFNAME estate_calc is set to 2, a player is subjecy to estate tax on a linear scale based upon DEFNAME estate_rate or region.tag.maintenance_override should it exist.
In setting 2 a player with 1 house over the DEFNAME estate_tax would have to pay twice the amount they would normally pay without estate tax. With 2 houses over the DEFNAME estate_tax they would have to pay 3 times the amount, and so on... This setting is cheaper for players with fewer houses.

Buying extra secure storage & co-owner/friend slots:

If DEFNAME buy_storage is set to 1 players will be able to purchase extra secure storage slots for their house.
If DEFNAME buy_increased_list is set to 1 players will be able to purchase extra friend/co-owner slots for their house.
A player purchasing either of these increases the HOUSE VALUE which also affects how much property tax (and estate tax if applicable) they have to pay each month.

The prices for extra co-owners and friends can be set in DEFNAME xtra_co-owner_price and DEFNAME xtra_friend_price respectively.
The price for extra secure storage is calculated automatically based on the original value of the house.


The cost for a player to redeed their house can be set in DEFNAME redeed_fee where the value is a percentage of the HOUSE VALUE
Demolishing a house without redeeding is free of charge and will refund players the HOUSE VALUE for the building that was demolished.

Any upgrades (which includes construction on custom houses) will be refunded to the player minus the DEFNAME redeed_fee where applicable. If no refund exists or it does not entirely cover the DEFNAME redeed_fee, the player will be charged the remainder.

It is my intention to have this script now under feature lock. Meaning no new features will be added (unless a truly fantastic and must have idea presents itself)
The only other updates that should happen after v2.2 are bug fixes, as and when they occur, and possibly some code tidying. This script was originally written ~2005 so I expect there will be a bit to do in terms of tidying up

RE: Housing - htid4life - 09-12-2012 08:37 AM

very nice system good to see people releasing on the forums Smile

RE: Housing - Mordaunt - 09-28-2012 11:49 PM

v1.6 uploaded:

Fixed: Bug in the in house commands (raise, lower, secure e.t.c...) where players could do it to themselves and/or others

Added: Toggle to enable/disable conversion to custom foundation

Original DL link in post one still applies

RE: Housing - Mordaunt - 09-30-2012 12:12 PM

v1.7 uploaded:

New: House items now bounced to owners bank in a moving crate (uid chests to chest owner) when converting house to a custom foundation. (this idea occurred to me about an hour after I released v1.6, so I waited a bit after changing it to make sure nothing else sprang to mind) This removes the need for the original "moving crate" which was placed in the middle of the new foundation on conversion.

Removed: Vendor restrictions. Due to the many varied vendor scripts that are out there, restrictions on vendor placement have been removed from the script. Any checks on vendor owner vs house owner should be done on the vendor script anyway.

Original DL link in post one still applies

RE: Housing - Mordaunt - 10-05-2012 11:51 PM

v1.8 uploaded:

New: Added a verbal *release this* command which works universally for locked down items & secured containers within the house.

Fixed: Secured containers were able to be unlocked form the structure with *lock this* verbal command thus allowing players to create uid only chests freely, though these were still tied to the houses total secure structure allowances. (reported by Extreme)

Original DL link in post one still applies

RE: Housing - Anarch Cassius - 10-06-2012 06:00 AM

Question, what if said moving crate exceeds one's bank limits?

RE: Housing - Mordaunt - 10-06-2012 06:34 AM

Good question, glad you asked, not something I had looked at but on testing it appears to deposit the items in your bank anyway....

RE: Housing - Mordaunt - 10-06-2012 08:39 AM

V1.81 uploaded:

Fixed: Issue with Transfer House option not working due to omitted !

RE: Housing - WRWR - 10-12-2012 01:59 AM

if you place house near other house and demolish last, first house removing 0_o
need to add checking distance option like in SCP House system

RE: Housing - Mordaunt - 10-12-2012 03:40 AM

Really? damn, will look at that

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