Full Version: NPC Caster AI
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trying to do NPC AI of casters (similar to older spheres) I want to my caster to :
1) always run from his target
2) still casting on close range.

Case 2 is more urgent for me ... I dont know how to do that the caster can start cast spells even on meele range versus his target. Now if his target come too close, he starts fighting only as meeler.
In best variant should be on close range combined like sometimes hits, sometimes starts to cast.

In case 1 i´ve find out that i can simulate running through trigger @npcActFollow, but if u have any better ideas, id like to hear them.

[events e_caster]

I guess its this blocking it in source sphere scripts:

bool CChar::NPC_FightMagery(CChar *pChar)
// Check if NPC can fight using magery
// false = switch to melee combat

if ( !pChar || !NPC_FightMayCast(false) ) // not checking skill here since it will do a search later and it's an expensive function
return false;
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