Full Version: Custom Bufficon for potion cooldown?
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Hello all,

I'm trying to find way to add bufficon to show cooldown when someone uses potions. I know how to add custom bufficon and remove it, however couldn't figure out how to do that when someone drinks a potion.

I tried adding a memory under [typedef t_potion] however player still gets hardcoded memory item (i_handr_1) too.

Is there a way to do this?

Try this:
src.ADDBUFF 1039,1028825,1062028,15,Saignement
Sphere doesn't understand Saignement argument.

I took that out, and buff icon stays there when the timer runs out :/
"Saignement" is the text suppose to be write in the tooltip.

What version of core you using? I use this syntax on X
I run 56b-pre release, tried to go on X but i get lots of map error, and i can't put stuff in my backpack, gives me wrong packet send error for some reason.

I mean buff icon shows up there no issues there. But it stays there until i enter removebuff etc.etc.

What i'm trying to do is, get the buff icon there when i drink a potion, and remove it when timer disappears.
Oh, the 56b is a very old version and buggy. If you can't use the X version, I recommend the 56d version. Don't test something ancient when you can have new ones. You can then modify the 56b scripts you need for the new versions. But both things (56d and X) are good.
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