Full Version: Cansee Request
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Hi, I have a request for CANSEE and CANSEELOS
A method to know where ur visión gets blocked. Just adding a local during process.

Local.BlockingPOS R
This local would be generated when there is no vision, and it should store the coordenates where the vision gets blocked.

CAll src.canseelos <target.p>
if <local.BlockingPOS> //you cant see the target
else //you does


This way allow u to know if u see target as usual, but also the coordinate where your visión gets blocked. I think this is the best way. So, if u need to know where vision gets blocked, u just call "cansee". If u dont need it, u use the functions as always.

I´m going to do my own function by script anyway. Even with this Little change, i would not be allow to do what i need. I need much more. xD But I think, this "local.blockpos" should be implemented.
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