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I have 2 request to add to source.

Request 1: Carve Trigger

It is posible to make a @trigger for "carve"?

ON=@item_carved // When item is carved
src=character carving
|=Ítem being carved

Return 1 //dosnt allow anything to happen
Return 0 //allow cutting effect but prevent resources generation.

Request 2: Smelt Trigger

|=item being smelted
local.amountneeded= //minimum amount needed to smelt and produce resources (default 1)
Local.Maxproduction= //Amount resources the smelting Will produce. (default 1)
If <tag0.smeltamount>
        If <amount><<local.amountneeded>
                  src.sysmessage u need <eval <local.amountneeded>>
                  return 1

Return 1 //Prevent all
Return 0 //Prevent resource generation but not anims or fire effects.

This two request, should give Access to carve system and smelting system, so we dont have to replicate the entire system if we want to do lesser changes. It is a pitty to duplicate by script what sphere does better.
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