Full Version: New 64bit builds
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Starting the new year with some good news, Sphere 0.56d now have 64bit builds!

It's already available on downloads page. GitHub page also got updated with setup instructions for 64bit builds if you prefer compile it manually.

Both 32bit/64bit builds are compatible with each other and share the same source code and script pack.

To switch between 32bit/64bit build you must also switch MySQL client library to the version compatible with selected arch
  • Windows: replace 'libmysql.dll' file with the version included on downloaded zip
  • Linux: replace MySQL package (Ubuntu: 'libmysqlclient20' to 64bit or 'libmysqlclient20:i386' to 32bit / CentOS: 'mysql-community-libs' to 64bit or 'mysql-community-libs.i686' to 32bit)

32bit arch can use only up to 4gb RAM and deal with numbers up to 2^32, while 64bit arch can use more than 4gb RAM and deal with numbers up to 2^64. If your server doesn't need this, you can stay using 32bit build without any problems. But note that all modern OS's use 64bit as native arch and 32bit as backward compatibility, so 64bit build is slightly faster than 32bit build because it will use native 64bit CPU features instead 32bit backward compatibility.
God Job THX
Interesting topic. Coruja, so your X64 is a different product than experimental? Are you creating two distinct sphereserv branches? Why?
56d still the same as always, but now having both 32bit / 64bit builds to choose
We ran 64 build for few hours, shard crash 3 time no debug or critical message at all. Will need more testing I think...
Try using latest build, and also check your libmysql.dll file (windows) or libmysqlclient20 package (linux) to make sure that its updated
We rebuild our core and everything seems to be good. Sorry for last message. Thanks and keep up your good works
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