Full Version: Sphere Shard Old School PVP - No precast. 17 years online, now RELAUNCH!
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Are you a veteran Ultima Online player looking for a stable server that won't close in a single month?

If you are a veteran player of Ultima Online looking to play the game as good as you rememer it, search no more, you have found it!

Ultima Online World of Dread was a PVP/PVE server online for 17 years with an average spanish speaker playerbase of 100 members simultaneously over a decade.

On 15 of July of 2019, the server closed in order to reopen as an international server with english as official language.

Server Sphere old school, with a PvP system like old Santiago and ColdfireUO.

More than 300 players are waiting for the reopening in the Discord, join us!

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/6UZharS



[Image: vl6482ombcc31.jpg]

- No Pre-Cast

- Unlimited Skillcap

- Statcap

- Fast skillgain

- Rare drops

- Quest

- Champions

- Free to play

- Automatic dialy events
Congratulations for the initiative.
asbandit beltha?
Once played this game with friends, but then I did not like it ... and now there`s a mass of similar games. And what makes this one stand out - I still don't get. What I can definitely recommend is minecraft. It`s suitable for all ages, everyone can find something interesting in this game, and most importantly - is improving, its development doesn`t stop for a second. So many upgrades came out, that probably soon will be added the plot. If you don` like graphics, you can safely download texture packs, mods, shaders, minecraft.buzz to improve the game and increase the possibilities.
The best game to come out since 1997, still playable today, being in 2020. Never would I have thought that such a game in the style of MMORPG could live so long. Started playing on a server like Oscon and played on the second of the servers, Old Oscam. But in the year so 2007, if I do not cheat appeared server oldp.net, and from that moment to this day, I play there. The game has 4 classes - warrior, archer, cleric, and mage. The maximum level - is 13. You can play as PvP if you are a skilled player and not afraid that you can die (fall), as you can play PvM. If you are a gamer in general, try games that pay real money
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