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I am solving one special problem. Sphere perceives the Gold Coin (i_gold) as a payment currency. I want to add two more coins to UO's. i_coin_silver and i_coin_copper. Thus: 1 gold coin = 10 silver coins, 10 silver coins = 100 copper coins. i_coin_silver and i_coin_copper have typedef t-coin, i_gold has t_gold. I don't quite understand how to force NPC traders to take i_coin_silver and i_coin_copper while trading. I don't understand, even though I read a wiki, what does typedef t_coin mean, what does it actually exist for? But I think you will need to set i_coin_silver and i_coin_copper to t_gold and create a special script. This system exists on one Czech shard, which was already running on 1.0 RC sphere and then on 56b sphere. But I don't know how to script it. Does anyone have any advice, please? Thank you.
Answered by admin Andaria.cz, I will try to translate it using google.
Quote:The system is all about the price of meditation. When somewhere to find out how much ma has a figure of gold, silver and copper with each other, they will make 100, silver 10, and all of it. It determines how much you carry a total of money in medacich, from that subtract or pricte price according to whether kupujes or prodavas and then again turn to golds (divided by a hundred rounded down to the whole number of mine). .) and medics. All old money will be deleted and the new ones will be added.
Darksun, You described it, I mean something similar.

But, I'm not a scriptwriter. I can not. But I guess I have to create TYPEDEF on T_GOLD, which allows me to use all three coins. Perhaps I'm right.
Have you made it?! I know about the Czech shard, I have seen it for a couple of times, however I am not really sure about how to use it, and even how to script it. A friend of mine has been working on that for a while, and he told me that it is one of the toughest scripts that he has ever worked on. He said that due to that complexity, this payment system is really great, and reliable. I am looking for the best adult payment gateways as I am looking to set up my own website, and I have been thinking about trying out that script.
No, I still don't have a new payment system. I didn't have time to do it.
I just stumbled upon your post and found it really interesting. I'm not really familiar with the script you mentioned, but I can imagine it must be pretty complex to make a payment system work like that. As for the TYPEDEF on T_GOLD, I think you're on the right track.
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