Full Version: Big Thanks!
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Seriously a huge THANKS goes out to all the members of the sphere team!

I was one of those teenagers in the 90's with the old 56k modems that completely bogged down my parent telephone line every night to play UO (back before T2A was added).
Some time later I stopped playing UO only to come back a few years later and got into Fuze (I think that was it's name) emulator for UO that I downloaded from someone's bulletin board.

Once again Thank you to all the staff/members of the sphere team for their hard work!

Yeah everyone is awesome on here. It's really sad seeing servers slowly die off, especially if you've played uo since you were a kid. Hopefully we're all still on here helping each other out for years to come.
Well im not leaving. my addiction is quite clear to me Smile
hey everyone....I love to play cooking games.
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