Full Version: Integrity in the Sphere community?
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I'm not sure what kind of response this will get, if any at all, or even if this is the right place to post it. I'm Jack and have been running an OSI replica T2A shard for over 2 years. As of late, I've been becoming annoyed as our website design, which has had a LOT of work put into it, has now been blatantly ripped off/stolen by 3 seperate shards. The reason I'm posting this here is that all 3 of these shards have been Sphere shards.

The website in question is found here: https://uolostlands.com

These 3 shards have stolen our website design, without permission, when it is clearly marked copyright at the bottom:
http://www.dragonsoftime.com/ <-- also felt the need to post on our in game bulletin board advertising their shard, as if stealing our hard work was not a big enough of a "fuck you" to us.

The third shard which stole our website design, which was the first to do it, appears to now have shut down.

Does anyone in the Sphere community even care that this kind of business is being conducted by these shards? Even worse is that these shards operate on a profit model with no compensation to us (not that I would even accept said compensation, as our website is not for sale and our shard is not for profit).

In a community that is losing players over time, it is not a good thing that content is being stolen from original creators, as you may find that the people creating that content just leave the community and further kills our already shrinking community. This is complete scumbag behaviour.
Unfortunately for you, there is nothing I can do here. This is like blaming microsoft because it's users are stealing music, not to mention hypocritical of you since you just admitted to running a clone of a copyrighted game. I don't like thieves, but the fact that they are using Sphere is irrelevant. Good luck pursuing this somewhere else.
Your point is taken, but I don't agree that this can be likened to blaming Microsoft for stealing music at all, that is not an accurate representation of my post. I am not at all blaming the creators of Sphere for the actions of those in its community. I am not expecting any kind of action from the administrators of these forums, the post was more to bring to light the kind of behaviour these shards are making.
JackRUO, you are using Ultima Online client files for your shard, or you make your own client with blackjack and hookers original graphics, music etc..?
I saw your website in like 5-6 shards, you should be proud.

Basically what Ben said is right.
This is just an emulator for Ultima Online, free download for everyone.

Updating my website now..Devil

I saw the user x77x is one of the developers from one of the server who steal the web design.
He is asking a lot and requesting help... Nothing to do?
Scroll to the bottom of x77x's site, made me laugh.
I will update my website next week Shifty
Its really a bummer to see your work just being stolen.
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