Full Version: Account no active/suspended
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Hello All,

I have been trying to download/view some members scripts out of the forum, but everytime I click one I get an error message saying

1.Your account is not active or is currently suspended
2. Your account might not be activated resend activation code.

When I click resend activation code, it says my account is already active....
You need more posts 5 or 10 Confused
Good to know, I have also tried to watch some screenshots and I got the same message... Pretty unnecessary...
The reason for this is to limit spambots as much as possible. Once 5 legit posts are made, you bypass the spam filter. I can fix that for you since I know you're not a bot Smile
Okay I understand. Yeah that would be great, thank you Smile
its good antibot Smile
I rec this puts a lot of people into deep wondering.
More post Smile

And for me Smile
This is one more post Tongue
And I'm not a bot Big Grin
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