Full Version: Sphere 0.56c Pre-release / 0.56d Nightly
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Well, we need to stop flames... Sourcecode is open and anyone can help. If the people that flame use this efforts to help us with the source, will be better than flame on forum. Sphere has problems, then contribute to fix, but do not flame us :-(
Good work
Congratulations guys, good work!!! :-)
Finally I can break source and blame only myself for something not working =)
Good job!
Am I the only one who can't see the changelog for the new version? It only shows up to 56b
Congrats Devs! I was waiting this like water of may as we say in our country.

Thanks to all the team!
Excuse me the stupid question, because I am noob in this sphere and my English is very bad, but how can I use 0.56d Nightly version, to download the "Download latest Windows zip file build (May 20, 2016 11:01 pm) "comes only files


And is not the executable sphereSvr.exe
and how do I put scripts?
Can you pack the Linux version better?

ini's shouldnt be in a /src directory and the Sphere.ini should be sphere.ini -> all to save people manually changing this, makes for an easier install.
Please check Linux build

I've not no idea whats going on with it, its throwing errors where things don't even exist.
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