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Hello everyone,

I'm going to share some scripts that although have been made for a very peculiar kind of server, some of you may find them interesting and useful and could adapt them to your own servers.


From my past experience, both as a staff and a player, it's always boring to be manually moving equipped and backpacked items to the bankbox while attending to events where they are not needed.

So I created a stone to help players store all their items instantly.

Double-clicking the stone will open the following dialog:

[Image: image.jpg]

All you need to do is "answer the questions" and items will be automatically placed in one or two backpacks, according to your preferences: One for equipped items, other for backpacked items.

As for the equipped items, they will be placed in pre-set locations according to their layer inside the new backpack, so it's not a mess where you can't find anything. This also makes it easier to equip again later.

As for the backpacked items, they will be placed in the exactly same location in the new backpack where they were at your backpack.

After the [EOF] I left a test function, which you can use if you want to let players instantly equip and move the previous stored items back to their original places. That being the case, when creating the 2 backpacks you will have to give them a new name so they can be identified by the test function. The test function is not attached to anything, but you can see what do you need to call in order to re-arrange the items back into their original places.

Some scripts can be easier understandable when tested, so you can always add this script to your server, add the stone, pick your settings and see it working.
Very useful, could you please post it to the share downloads page, I can't download it as attachment.
This is neat, thanks alot man.
(01-18-2017 02:01 PM)Leonidas Wrote: [ -> ]This is neat, thanks alot man.

Did you manage to download the file?
Yeah I did, uploaded it to filedropper for you.

Thank you very much!
i can not download:

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how can i download?
You need to write more posts to download.
could anyone share the script. ı can not download it yet
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