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Hello everyone,

I'm going to share some scripts that although have been made for a very peculiar kind of server, some of you may find them interesting and useful and could adapt them to your own servers.


Also related to events, this script has a few items that may be useful to you.


You want players to sit on their base until an event round starts, but sometimes that's not easy to achieve due to players behavior.

That said, you have "i_pvp_log_sn" and "i_pvp_log_we" which are 2 types of wall logs (One turned to each direction) that will be removed 10 seconds after you double-click the "i_pvp_starter".

All you have to do is block the desired players bases with the "i_pvp_log_sn" or/and "i_pvp_log_we" (Remember that you can use .tile 1 <Item ID> to add many items in a line or a square.) and then double-click the "i_pvp_starter" when everyone is ready to play. The "i_pvp_starter" will start to countdown from 10 seconds and then automatically remove all logs, unblocking player bases, and announcing the start of the event.


You also have in the script an "i_shrink_stone_pvp", which after double-clicked, asks you to target your pet. The pet will then be shrunk and moved into your backpack.

This is useful to replace stablers while players are preparing themselves for the event, providing a free shrink potion to everyone without any risk of the players losing their mounts.
This will be very Helpful!

is there a way to download this script?
Download: https://forum.spherecommunity.net/attach...hp?aid=294

But otherwise, this script can normally be downloaded from the attachment from the first post.
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