Full Version: Major improvements on Sphere internal code
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Long time without any news, but I'm here again...
Latest nightly build 2290 (21 may 2015) got a huge improvement on the following internal code:
  • Skills
  • Walk
  • General ticks (status regen, timer updates, NPC AI, ...)
These codes must run million of times per day, since all players/NPCs are walking, using skills and running background general ticks at every second. But now we got an optimized code, resulting in a faster performance overall.

Of course servers with light wordsave, few players/NPCs or running on a high performance CPU won't notice any significant changes on performance, but this can be useful when we got a heavy worldsave, many players/NPCs or a low performance CPU.

These changes are already live on nightly builds, and as always, feel free to report it on BugTracker if something goes wrong.
very cool job people Big Grin
amazing. I'm excited about to test it and put in my shard Smile

Thanks for this. Waiting for it ^_^

(love that Sphere is getting better) Smile
Good job devs!, next todo update sphere_combat.scp hehe.
Sorry, I dont know if I am doing something wrong or not, but;
I couldnt find the "SphereSvr.exe" in the latest nightly zip file Sad
There is a problem when the last compile process fails, i think. When that happens there is no nightly build until the next day the process complete successfully
That's true Big Grin
good job, Ill look into this!
I've waited for the next nightly build, still no spheresrv.exe Sad
It seems to be a problem with the compiler, here you have a temp link to latest version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k1aqepw37wytzn...r.exe?dl=0
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