Full Version: New test build
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There is a new test build in the downloads section http://forum.spherecommunity.net/sshare.php?srt=4 for Windows and Linux
This is to test bug #2362 http://tracker.sphere.torfo.org/bugs/view.php?id=2362
which may affect the attacker system.

There is also a bonus addon not present in the nightly yet. It contains BREAK and CONTINUE for loops in scripts.

*Gasp* A working dev!

We must be careful and very quiet so as not to scare it off.
They are and endangered species
Good to see! I updated my version today.
(08-05-2014 04:52 AM)Mordaunt Wrote: [ -> ]*Gasp* A working dev!

We must be careful and very quiet so as not to scare it off.
They are and endangered species

I want my 'A working dev' reply!!!
I'm testing it here for ~10hours and it seems to be fixed

but now it created another problem, damages are not calculated correctly. I'm not using the new sphere custom scripted combat, but on my "old" scripted combat using @Hit / @GetHit I cant calculate the damage anymore.

Example: on spells, I set and confirm many times that I'm using ARGN1=50, ARGN2=dam_god and the target has all resists = 0. The last line on @GetHit also confirms that ARGN1=50 and ARGN2=dam_god, so the damage must be 50, but it will be 12.

EDIT: Also the client always crash when open the spellbook (even an empty spellbook). I'm using client 5.0.2d and resdisp 5 (ML)

EDIT2: Cooking skill is not working too, even calling MAKEITEM i_lol manually I got "undefined command" (if I use MAKEITEM i_platemail_gorget or any item crafted by a skill != cooking it works fine). I'm using FLAGS=skf_craft on Cooking skill, it works fine on previous sphere builds but it's broken on this new build
Fixed the client's crash.

Will take a look in the dam after fixing the cooking issue.

In which revision you say cooking was working fine? I can cook when targeting the food on the forge but not via makeitem.
my custom craft engine is using MAKEITEM i_fish_lol on cooking skill, on 25 may build it's working fine, but I updated to 04 august build and now it doesn't work anymore.

when I call MAKEITEM i_fish_lol on the script, nothing occours, the char ACTION will stay -1 instead change to 'skill_cooking'. And when I type ".MAKEITEM i_fish_lol" manually I got "undefined command" but strangely if I use MAKEITEM i_another_item_from_another_skill (tinkering, blacksmith, etc) it works fine
Seems we have a pair of working devs...
Now who wants to try to get them to breed? rofl
Commited crash and damage fixes... couldn't find the source of the cooking bug yet.

I've done some tests here, spellbook crash and damage problems are fixed Smile

only cooking still with problems, maybe it's the same old cooking problem where the cooking skill is not recognized as an craft skill (PS: tested with and without FLAGS=skf_craft set).
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