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Hello again friends, i havent get there yet reading the sphereWIKI so i ask here first, its an easy question...

how do i define a value of an item attribute like ReqSTR
inside ON=@Create Trigger?

i'd like to change the reqstr using lowerreq

is it understandable enough?

PHP Code:
[ITEMDEF 020e]
=bone machete
=14 i_ingot_iron,1 i_bone
=Blacksmithing 70.0
={36 48}

IF <LowerReq>

I gave functionality to LowerReq in the source, so you shouldn't need it ... or I didn't understand.
doesnt work, cliloc shows them but no calculation is taken, tried with damincrease, damfire, lowerreq, and others.
im using latest rev
either way, in this case if for any reason i'd like to change it, how do i call the Item's ReqStr or item's Damage?

PD: BONUSHITS gives you the bonus but when you unequip it bonus remains and also when you equipit again it multiplies your maxhits till you can get infinite just equipit and unequipit.
DAMFIRE or any DAMX arent working for me at less
INCREASESWINGSPEED seems to be working fine, havent tried the others
BONUSSTR, BONUSDEX, BONUSINT seem to be working okey aswell.

ill keep checking ^^.
ReqStr is a static variable, it cannot be changed in the items upon created, so this is why I added hardcoded support for LowerReq.

IncreaseSwingSpeed isn't working, same as DamFire and ResFire and the others, look at this thread to know a little more of them: http://forum.spherecommunity.net/Thread-...17-04-2014 . These variables are meant to be softcoded ATM, but there's a t_equipitem TypeDef at sphere_item_typedef_equipitem.scp that already handle the @Equip/@UnEquip triggers with these variables to increase/decrease the values, if something's wrong ... it must be there.
i understand XuN, i will check it out, but im telling you, lowerreq isnt working, at less for me, and if i cannot change static itemdef variables i cannot also make a sofcoded script for increasedam i suppose because i would need to get the DAM values aswell, am i correct?

thanks for answering ^^
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