Full Version: Moveblock and spell-interrupt
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i need litte help with two problems...

First Question: I want a monster, which is "starting to get into fight" to wait a specific time. This means i want to set tag.nomovetill... when a monster sees a new player (and has no target before) and is starting to fight him. Is there any trigger for this?

Second Question: I want to make some "class-features". So i scripted a few spells which enhance those classes. Is there a way to tell a spell to "not" interrupt the current action? The "class-features" are always-working, never-failing spells. After a mana-check they are instantly used. At this time i work with them in the "@select"-trigger in the spell-definition.
I know i could script a kind of spellbook with all the class-features in it, but for many reasons i want the class-features in our custom spellbooks. So: Is there a way to have spells (or a trigger at the spells) which are not interrupting the current action like swordsman or archery?
For the first one: Both triggers @Attack and @CombatAdd with a return 1 can prevent a combat from starting the time you want.

For the second one: Interrupt in spell's definition is what handle this, can't remember exactly how they work but setting them to 100 or 0 will make spells to never fail, so you can specify when to fail or not.
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