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So, with recent events we have had a week long discussion and we are now starting to increase the development team. I have brought on several new members inside and outside the community to try and give development a hand.

Members including Extreme, Feeh, Avatar, Xantier, and Kons. There are a few more pending addition at this point.

As I stated on the Facebook Page: This is not only for Sphere, but for the longevity of UO. Kons and several others are also working on the Unity Client and other client options in case EA is to drop UO. There is a huge movement going on right now and we are hoping the dedication to this movement for UO and Sphere's future persists.

Thank you all for being a part of this.

- Khaos
omg is UO to be discontinued? O_O"
lol no, i am curious about this:

EA owns Mythic Entertainement, this company mantains ultima online, dark age of camelot and in the past, warhammer online.

This last game was an epic failure, and it lasted just few years and as far we know there are no plans about deleting ultima online or daoc, we also know that EA doesn't know mercy.

So what is keeping EA from deleting ultima or dark age of camelot Shock ?

Is it possible that a small niche of players is enough to mantain active both games?

Instead, my idea it's that EA doesn't want the burden of deleting those two games, and for burden i mean the bad publicity!

They are stll regarded as two "legendary" games btw Tongue
Little by little they are delegating functions to their partners so they can operate on par with them but not in the same magnitude. Breaking ties with the game is probably something that they had already covered but this doesn't mean that it's going to be discontinued in the near future. UO still has a good player base specially from remote countries where the game wasn't that popular at it's beginnings.
Thx, I'm proud to join the dev team Smile
Sure we will take sphere to the next level, fixing bugs, adding support for missing UO expansion features, and making the server better to everyone

It's not about just be a dev by myself, but help and support an entire UO community
It is not that EA is discontinuing Ultima Online. Not yet. EA has a long standing tradition to keep their servers up and running for almost an infinite amount of time. Yet, we need to have a safe guarded plan against such things. This wouldn't be the first time a dev team or two has kept a dying or dead game alive.

More or less we are trying to speedily get up to par and open up new client avenues, new options, just in case. Plus Sphere working with other sources for clients and applications brings in more users to be honest with you. We are not exactly plug and play for other developers of software. This might help bring back some users. RunUO is more of a plug and play option than we are and we need to break that tradition of locking out others if possible and the application or client would see a finish.

We do have several new developers though and last I saw in updates, Feeh and Coruja have been putting in some work. I am sure I might update tonight and see the others busy. If not, they are still learning the source. It takes time and we understand that.

I hope this clears up any confusion.

Welcome aboard everyone.
Nice to see. Good luck Bye
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