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For anyone wanting to test it out, there is a special build here http://forum.spherecommunity.net/sshare.php?srt=4 built from revision 1777 of the svn that has all time related functions changed to INT64 from the regular INT32.
A lot had to change for this to happen, so this is why I want to have it tested before it gets commited to the rest of the svn to see if I messed it up Big Grin
LOL, dat Ben!!! lurking invisible in the shadows until he comes with a bomb like that, good job!
nice, that's a very good add! great ben
Nice Ben!
Whats the difference of them?
What's new?
Thanks Big Grin
2038 year support. Big Grin
Mordaunt: Next time try to use a more descriptible title (Angry face).
very good work Big Grin
It's mostly for fixing this bug http://tracker.sphere.torfo.org/bugs/view.php?id=1447
This one here http://tracker.sphere.torfo.org/bugs/view.php?id=1895 is the same bug but with a better explanation of how it works.
I also had to change a lot of internal stuff, so now even TAGs can have 64bit intergers which is a max value of 9223372036854775807.
If this is successful... there should be no more timer issues for the next 29247120867 years to come instead of having to reset the server's age every 7 years.

And as for this...
(02-08-2014 04:49 AM)XuN Wrote: [ -> ]Mordaunt: Next time try to use a more descriptible title (Angry face).
The title was enough to get most people to at least look at the post Big Grin... and I can do what I want Tongue lol
I'll come back 29247120867 years in the future just to check that ¬¬
oh and one more thing...
one good way to test it properly would be to open spherechar.scp and change the TIME= line to 2147483647.
That's the max time the server WAS able to have before and was causing issues with timers when it got close to it.
This will make the server's age higher then was previously possible... which would then cause a lot of internal processes to use higher numbers too.
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