Full Version: Thank you
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For all the good moments I lived here.

I don't believe I'm coming back to UO, at least not as some kind of staff member of Sphere or any server. Thanks to every member of this community, seriously.
Everything started in this server, as a player: http://perso.wanadoo.es/ragnar/index2.html
12 years ago...
wtf? oO
Hasta la vista mr shyriux Big Grin
Fare well on your journey
Fare well :/
As we all know.. it is not possible to leave... only to be missing for a while...

See ya later Shiryux Wink
Yeah, you can't really leave. UO won't let you. it's an entity all on its own.

See ya around Smile
Lol, I've tried too... cya soon! ;]
Shiriyx may I ask why you are leaving?

PS. You will be back Smile
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