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I just decided to search for 'SphereServer' on Google to see what would come up. God, it's been years since I've messed with UO, not to mention Sphere itself. Ah, the memories.

Who's still here? How has everyone been? What's the latest version number for 56b? Ooh, never mind. That was too many questions at once Lol

After going from link to link, I came to realize that someone finally made an editor for Sphere's scripting language. One thing lead to another, and I did some digging through my hard drive and realized I still had the project and source files for the one I started years ago. I titled it 'SphereMate' because I thought it sounded catchy. I had every intention of finishing it, too, but I grew up and life got in the way, so it sort of...sat there.

I remember I had a number of ideas and did quite a few really nice scripts before I decided to end my Ultima Online days. I may go through my old hard drives to see if any of those still exist.

In any case, I'm glad I decided to do a Google search this morning. I'm reliving a lot of good memories right now.

P.S. My friends used to have this bad habit of calling me Jdog, so I'm pretty sure that was my username back then Wink
Hello Big Grin
They just launched a new sphere 56b prerelease some weeks ago Big Grin
ohh Jdog, yeah i remember you. Welcome back
Welcome back
you grew up?

wtf is that?

doesnt sound like its much fun at all. . . .

Yeah, growing up is never fun, Rattle Lol Mordy, I can't believe you're still here. God, you've been around since, what, Amlaruil's ScriptSharing? I can still remember Altiara's original version of Axis and Swindler's 55i fixes. Man, that seems like a lifetime ago...
Yeah... it was a lifetime ago.. ScriptSharing is mostly just the stuff of myth and legend to tell the youngsters about now Tongue
Sup JDog welcome back.

[Image: now-a-spidey-thread-Xsv3GM]
Wellcome Smile
Hrm. Long time no see JDog.

SShare isn't that bad Mordaunt! Smile A lot can be edited there and made for use with 56b/c. It just takes some time and know how. Some of those relics are priceless artifacts. Still, it is sad it is not what it once was. Ah well.
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