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I know alot of users were uneasy about using the Nightly Builds for their live shard, so we decided to compile a new pre-release version.

It is available here: http://prerelease.sphere.torfo.org/

Any new bug reports should now be based on this pre-release.
I would also like for users who have reported bugs in the past on the bug tracker to double check if those bugs are still present, and if not, please post it on that report so that it can be closed.
good job Big Grin
omg !!!! thank you master Ben!!! so much!

;] Made my day!
What is the content updated?
I've download twice but its seems the file is corrupt... :[
yes windows version
Mine worked fine Shock
Could just be because of the compresion level I used... must be too advanced for the program you are using Tongue
I'll change it later today, but if you can't wait, 7zip should do the trick since that's what I used to compress it.
What about the lastest revisions for this release?
The same as:

04-05-2013, Shaklaban
-Fixed: Begging animation cannot disabled with return 1 @prestart.

7zip works to unzip it Big Grin
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