Full Version: Ben in a dress thing
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If you don't join IRC you don't know why this pic is here..

[Image: 34qqk9s.jpg]

Doesn't make it any less funny though!
When the person in the photo will start to fade away, we will know that sphere's curse hit Ben Sad
bump. on account of this being what it is, legendary
WTH ???
Well then Ben...

As for you Darksun84... We don't fade away. Life just gets in the way of our interaction on here. Smile I cannot speak for Mr.Sugarcube, Nazghul, or the others; but I am generally around for those who need to reach me and have the way to reach me. Valios, Ben, Jeem (Cem), and ShiryuX all have my Facebook, email, or other means to contact me if Sphere was in need of me that bad.

Ben you'd make an ugly girl! Wink
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