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How do you get REP i wanna get me some rep, i feel like i should have rep! Woot
ppl can thank u giving u rep if u do some sort of contribution....like helping some1 with script, or writing a tutorial....
Thanks buddy. now i'll be trolling the help forums giving excessive help.
I have been meaning to give out some REP, but I cant see how to o_O
click on the number of the rep "reputation 0" click on zero.
then in the top right, click on 'rate user'
ooohhh. the broken image? it doesnt show any alt text in chrome Smile
yep, that one, i use chrome too but it shows the text "rate user"
I'll fix that image as soon as I get on to my other computer Smile
Bennnn its nawttt workkinngggg!!! Smile
not the image, but if u click it, u can rate Smile try Smile
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