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Keeping up with the updates, some fields to your profile have been added. First of all, your Country, it's mandatory to update it as people may recognize your primary language from the flag after your username in every post. Also with this, there's a small change of rules, you CAN write and communicate in other languages ONLY in the Khaos Pit section and without MIXING them, if the thread started in english, you must write in english, if it's in spanish, you must write in spanish.

Along with this, some optional fields were added. Which are: Shard Name, URL, Description and Banner. So from now on, you don't have to adversite your shard, and this is the first stage of a long-term plan. If you don't have a shard, you can leave it blank or use the SphereCommunity info (check my profile). Banners must be 150x50px and jpg/png format. If I see any animated gif, I'll remove it and you'll be warned.

Last information, soon you'll be able to follow the twitter account and the like the facebook page, there you can ask about basic information, get updates of Sphere, or use it as support if there's a downtime in the website. Don't forget to use IRC also, developers and users hang out there a while and share information.
Nice addition Smile
Shiryux, did you changed something on tapatalk plugin? Always I enter here the same threads are unread.. if I reenter they still unread... its sucks
The unread post modification must have problems with the tapatalk plugin. We'll check it.
flags are looking good but there is no flag for no-country option, gives no image error on browsers.
Fear my new profile fields! Muwha ha ha!
There's an undisclosed file (black pixel) which is showing for users without flags (Mordaunt e.g.)
You should ban Mordaunt for being a non-conformist..

..no one likes him anyway.
Awesome, great addition. Big Grin
one minor glitch; when you view the site on an iPad/iPhone (and go into full mode, instead of mobile mode) you can see a box outline under everyone's avatar where the banner should be, even if they don't have one. :/
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