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Man, it has been forever since I have visited Sphere. How is everyone doing?

Sadly, after playing a bunch of games, and not really finding that game which I have enjoyed as much as UO, here I am again.

So hopefully there are many of you still around, and others still working on their servers. I have been feeling nostalgic and have decided to check out what is cooking here for Sphere. I do plan on doing something with UO again, and with Sphere, so who knows. I'll let everyone know once I have something that is worthy.

Anyways, I say hello to those of you who remember me from all those times and moments in the forums.
Welcome back :-)
helloo Big Grin
Hello, always good to see people returning.

Things have seemed barely alive for awhile but you've come in what seems to be an uptick, maybe we can keep it going.
Welcome back.
Yeah, I'm glad that is the case. Well, it feels good to be back, and I feel good now. It has been a good break from it all. Got some ideas and I'm going to use Sphere to do it. Big Grin Time to rejuvenate some very old ideas that have been hiding in my HDD.
Good to have you back Smile
Hey, Same here about the Ultima Online, Sad and bad:/
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