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If you believed they put a man on the moon

[Image: 69364main_armstrong_suit_full.jpg]

Neil Alden Armstrong (Wapakoneta, 5 agosto 1930 – 25 agosto 2012)

And this is for the conspiracy theorists :

God.. that dude is weirdo. Who gives a fuck did he or didn't he landed on the Moon. It was a Space race of two biggest nations - USSR and USA, what did you expected? USA had to do something to answer Soviet Union, since they were in the big lead and the only thing thei left with was - Moon. It would cause a lot of countries pick Communism's way since it looked so successful in the pictures. Most of them picked Capitalism and look where we are now? Capitalism will fall eventually, its young and it was nice at the beginning but it won't last for any more longer. You can't have the system which allows 2% of world population to own more than 50% of all money in the world. I suppose that's off-topic but i am sure someone would like to express their opinion about this question.
When the wise man points at the moon, the idiot looks at the finger (Confucius)

Without offence Big Grin, but politics it's not the point right now !
And the problem is not capitalism,communism etc. Problem are people ! Big Grin
Ego and Greed to be exact Big Grin
Oh kay.... Neil Armstrong... !!
Frankly speaking, i don't see anything really really big he acheived but still this guy constructed a name and made something possible, which people before him thought impossible. Secondly, i don't give a damn about politics.........
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