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Ben has officially been made a developer as of tonight. I would like to welcome him to the team! Good going Ben; we all voted to add you without you applying my friend!

Ben deserves this role. He knows C and C++ and has maintained dedication to Sphere, Axis, and the community for as long as I can remember. It is with great pride and happiness we bring him on the team for Sphere. Welcome aboard.

We are still looking for one or two members. We have a few people in mind, but don't be afraid to make a post on the general discussion section telling us you want to be a dev and why.
Certainly very good news. Congratulations Ben!
Nice! Congrats Ben.
Go go go Sphere!
Good News Big Grin
Again, we are hiring one or two more people guys. ShiryuX and I have discussed a few others last night and we are still waiting to see who all steps forth. Smile.
Does the recruit fase involves drinking the right holy grail like Indiana jones and the last crusade ? Big Grin
Yuss. It so should!!! Big Grin
Nice news, congratulations Ben Big Grin
Congratulations Ben! Smile

I´m glad to see Sphere have new blood, and more people working into the project. Smile
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