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* Who the hell do people think they are to demand things that aren't just so simple to fix!
* Why should development be rushed to do things when we are not paid?
* If someone wants to god damn pay me a daily rate of $200 I will work on sphere hardcode 6 - 8 hours a day!!!!
* I don't see a long line of people contributing though they all say they want to.
* I have asked for help repurposing the base scripts. Everyone agrees it needs to be done. Is anyone doing it besides me? HELL NO.
* I guarantee if I release a huge base script pack update soon, some asshole will tell me I missed something.
* When did Sphere become a bashing ground on a dev because we have lives? Oh, it always has been. Go to college, have 3 kids, a fiance, and a job. Then tell me what free time you have to develop everyday.
That happens when some people cares too much with his hobby, and begins to demand a lot of features they want to see.

But there is a vast majority, and silence majority, who thanks all the devs works, and knows the limitations they have in real life.
We don´t expect you devoted all your life to sphere, and we know your hands are tieds and you can´t go open source.

Sphere is not perfect, but I love very much this emulator and don´t get angry with his limitations or bugs. If anything doesn´t works don´t get mad, breath deeply and think this is only a hobby.

The problem is we spend a lot of time and effort in this hobby, and we expect too much from it. But it´s something we have to undestand and accept.

My support for all devs who allows us to enjoy our own worlds at the wonderful Ultima Online. Smile
Why thank you Smile We hardly ever hear that. It means a lot to us. Really. The best thing I can tell people with bugs, if you can attempt and succeed to fix it with a script please do. Then please post the softcode fix to the community. It is a great help to some.

Really thanks, that really made me smile for a moment. Smile
Khaos, everybody knows how is hard to keep working in one thing that need time and you don't get paid for. They just don't want to say.
I always be there in this new and the old forum, my nickname was GoD ExtremE.
I always had the mentality of not sharing my scripts with anyone. Here in Brazil people are very selfish and only think about yourself. I know so they can talk until I was selfish, after all, I always played Ultima Online and have always tried to learn as much as possible about the game. I know scripting Injection, EasyUO, Stealth and hate the Razor.
And the people here always tried to become my friend just to get my macros.
I've been scripting for a few years, maybe eight years.
And I can say that the Sphere is the best emulator to create a cool and attractive shard.

I just want to say thank you, for you and for the other guys that keeps it alive.
And now, I after years, I was sharing my scripts for everyone.
This Imbuing system was my dream for months, but never get courage to start it, I was just lazy, and now, with few hours I did 90% of it and will finish it to help the version for the SCP 2.0.
I am sure it is great. I grabbed it today to look at it. I have been planning a magic item generating system that removes items from templates and generates items based on karma/2000 for amount and somehow set potency and amount of enhancements based on another value. Smile I know both systems are almost the same in theory.
Another topic for a flood in which there shall come to nothing? I am for the maintenance and operation of the server also did not pay the money, nothing, not complaining. If you paid - you would require a lot more, believe me! Many thanks to those that do. Thank you for wasting their time.

But while the development team will be less than 10-15 active developers - the pace of development will not satisfy consumers. As a unit - you're doing enough, but the owners of SphereSrv - has long been too few pay attention to its continuous development.

Look at the pace with which the project developed in 2004 and with whom he was crawling now. While many developers have had a major server support. Now, this emulator is most common in countrys old USSR. 90% of new projects (if they occur), they have already been created on the sphere, due to many reasons! (now it is either RunUO or POL)

You've seen the last 2 years successful project on the sphere which is written from scratch? Who achieved at least 50 continuous online? I do not. All because of the fact that people are developing now - pay attention to the pace of development and flexibility of the bug fixes in the community.

For new servers, which are not taking on other people's scripts - this is not the sphere is a promising emulator. Look at the number of people on this forum for a start.
I never said "hey, I can and will help for the spherepack" because I have a little child, a wife and I am building a new house (and also had a job as a project manager in the automotive).
and I am also a admin of an german shard.
That´s the reason I have no time to help here. But as an admin I have a responsibility compared to my player for example to keep alive my shard.
If I don´t have time for this I should take down my job as an admin, leave the shard and give the job to another admin, which has enough time or I have to find enough man power.

I only want to say, we all know that this is an hobby and we alle don´t get money for this but the devs has the same job as the admin for their shards.
We also don´t get money for our privat job.
Every day I hear that some player aren´t happy with script x or y but I will not cry like this "no time, no money, no develope". I will change the situation and search another one,who can help me.
Sorry for the hard words but I am also sick of this crying from both side but think about it.

We, the admins are your "costumers" not the suppliers.
If we are not happy, we leave this community. We build the sphere world. Without us, sphere we also die in his community.
But if the community is dead we will also use sphere Wink
And please, don´t say we have 1.000 user there on the board in the last two weeks.
I ony see max 10 user who are helping or talking here on the board.


The point is that sphere staff doesn't have any real responsibility towards you, and neither you(admins) have any real responsibility towards your players.

There is only a moral issue, and it's a simple one :

"If i don't want to continue my shard/sphere project, i should just warn the players/sphere users"

I think that the current sphere staff is still very involved in this project, if they cannot hire/update/fix bug (as they stated many times) quickly, it's because there are good reasons, so it's a waste of time stressing them about that !

The last thing, even if it will be nice, never expect gratitude from people!

Last last thing ,

If you don't consider Sphere good/stable enough for your shard, then you are free to change it :
  1. You don't have enough time to convert your scripts ? So the devs have not enough time to update the code
  2. You cannot find/hire, for some reasons, new people to help with this conversion ? Devs have the same problem
  3. You have a 5000000 players shard and you are scared that they will left the shards ? You know that Sphere is in this situation since at least 1-2 years. Didn't you have the time to do the passage ? Back to point one !
Darksun is right on every aspect. We are just as busy as everyone else. Your excuses; which are plausible, are the same as ours. We try to keep up with the demands as much as possible. Life gets in our way. If you are going to cast stones, cast them at every single Dev on every emulater. It happens to us all.

We do have something stable. There are stable releases and if set up right the nightlies are pretty stable as well. I might not have 50 players running around on some sphere development server... but I have myself and a few friends who get on and my friends have fun with the things I add; when I have time.

If we put up a server, how many of your players would come to our server? Would you all REGULARLY come on the server and devote time playing and testing? I heard everyone on here say they are super busy with life. Well if you are super busy with life and we are super busy with life how do you expect us to put something up no one will be on to test? Just a thought.

Like Admin Phoenix I have a job, I go to college, I do freelance data entry, web design/development, and construction work on the side. I am in web development and programming for college studies. Two fields needing constant attention to new updates and releases of software and code changes in the industry. Add in my three children, my fiance, and an ongoing struggle to maintain my 'hobbies'; which include: Development of Sphere, Working on Scripts, Artistic Work, Gaming (which I haven't done in months besides an entire week on Diablo 3), among other misc things. I am simply trying to balance time.

What is being done with SCP2 is sort of something I have been doing for a year with the script packs with sphere. Is it ready for release? I wish. At the same time though, like other servers, scp, etc; I have no help. Not a single person likes to change simple base scripts or repurpose them.

Now. One complaint with all the replies. I would tell you if we were shutting down or crashing and burning. We are not. We are trying to make some changes with our staffing and development. We are trying to get a few people on the crew who can spend a little more time on it than we can. They might not make super advanced things but can fix bugs. I also am sorry to say, I don't consider any of you customers or consumers. You are not purchasing a product from us. Look up the definitions. You guys are a loyal community members to an ongoing emulation of a game program. Which we appreciate. Most of you know I have done PR work for Sphere long before I was a dev and had the same complaints myself for a good bit, but I stuck it out, till we were hired. At the time we were hired I was almost done with my degree in Web Design at the college I was going to. I moved back to Maryland, my home state, when I had 2 terms left to complete. Not a single credit was transferrable. So I pretty much have to repeat my entire degree.

What does get done in development you all seem to love. When something is not done for a bit, there is complaints. I personally cannot do the networking aspect. It is not my cup of tea, I don't want to mess anything up, and I prefer to leave that to Mr. SugarCube who has been in that area of the source since he has been on. He knows it better than us.

I also would like to remind you all that nightlies are made to come out broken or working Smile. When we do finally get a nightlie completely stabilized, then maybe we can consider a update to a stable release.

Thank you,

This subject of telling us what we do and don't do is dead. I personally don't want to hear it. I know for a fact if you all had the plate I have to eat from daily, you would be responding as I am. I take such a long absense from here at times because of the barrage of complaints. No one ever thinks about what is going on with us. We don't need gratitude. I loved hearing it yesterday. It made me smile. Inside we have a sense of happiness when you all approve of something we do. Like the appreciation I got for fixing combat with ships, making maxstats go past the 32655 up to the millions, adding in the ini option for auto privsets on functions, newbie racial select templates, etc.. These were things people asked for, for years. I didn't expect an outpour of "thank you's" or "That is awesome!", etc. I knew some of you liked it. I was happy. It is those reasons... those reasons alone, I stay with sphere and have been with sphere for over 10 years.

To all of those who have used my advice, used my scripts, let me improve your scripts, helped improve mine... for those who appreciated my rants, my delegating rough situations like these, and for those who have had several casual UO or non-UO talks with me; thank you. I appreciate you all as much as you appreciate me. It has been a great 10 years. Something I don't plan to give up yet, even though, like everyone else... I sometimes see little hope in staying on. I do stay though. This is a powerful positive experience. I want to make the best impact I can.
Quote:For new servers, which are not taking on other people's scripts - this is not the sphere is a promising emulator. Look at the number of people on this forum for a start.

I would like to point out one key thing... this forum is not and cannot legally be official for sphere. This is something we have done for YOU ALL... even though it violates our contracts. Technically, without the old forums.... we shouldn't be allowing this. Because we are so appreciative and thankful and care for the community we have used this forum for a substitute for you all. The reason this forum has few users at the moment is because of the big change. Add in a month of downtime from the main forums and I am sure a lot of people think sphere is dead.

Also, compare POL. I looked on their forums.. there level of activity from users.... way lower than ours. I don't even want to hear about POL being past us. Big Grin
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