Full Version: Another Round of Rants
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Ok this is my rant:
* Shut up and start scripting queers! Smile
Sorry, I cannot do that. I am doing my data entry DAY JOB at the moment and paying attention to these forums while doing it since I am told we don't do anything Tongue
slacker. letting your day job get in the way of my hobby. Smile
I love Sphere, and since 2002 when I can to know UO, I decided to get contact with the emulator and set up my own things, am not good with scripts, and I was better on 55i, but omg I have no word to all admns of SphereServer, who keep this page online and the fire on my heart! thXS!!!
Honestly 56b is not that different from 55i, certainly it is less of a leap than it was from 51a to 55i
Hahahaa. Mordaunt is right. The changes made from 55i to 56b are not that complicated in the contrast of 51a and 55i. Really, a lot more control was added with new functions to provide a better experience. The biggest conversions I think were switching VAR to LOCAL and that was the easy part. Other than that it was minor tweaking here and there. What made the conversions so daunting was the new options given for your script code itself.
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