Full Version: Setting up sphere with vServerLauncher
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Hello family.
Today I present my new tool called vServerLauncher wich allow you to install and run the latest build of sphereserver in a few clicks. It's pretty quick and simple! This is another prove of how we are improving day by day here in spherecommunity.net

In this video below I show you how fast the work is done. I hope you all enjoy Smile

Download: Direct Link | Mirror 1
i was thinking that maybe would be nice to 'rate' the guides...so ppl could know if a guide is worth to read or not, maybe is also good if ppl that are reading the guides/tutorial sent pms or post reply to show where the guide lack infos or is hard to follow.
We have two options for that. We can rate posts and also give reputation points to the poster, but no one uses them.
yeah i know, mine was like a rant, or inciting to do this....coz i saw lots of 'view' on my tuts but no rate, no suggestions, no answers... i assume that are well written then ^^'
If no one is complaining; assume they are well written. Valios is wrong. I rate people and posts Smile. So saying no one does is fibbing. He is right though. You can rate a users reputation and you can rate a post from 1 - 5 stars.
I love this guide. I know alot of people that struggle with the installation.

Ps.. the music truly gets you pumped to get started!
Thanks for the compliments and reputation points guys. I'm glad you like what I'm doing here Smile
Very useful. thx valios.
the first link save me an php page, and I got lost!

the second one, give me a 404 page error.

I'm going to update this soon to make it work specifically with the new scriptpack
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