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Hi again,
We started this project a few years ago, in secret, in some point of the time at December 2010. Anyway, we just bumped it last week, so actually we have only 6 days of life in here.

In those 6 days of work we've reached 250 unique visitors, 70 users and almost 450 posts. In that time we've discovered that only 40% of our users use the English language as native, and only 9% are from USA. The rest of the users come from Europe (Italy, Spain, Germany), South America (Argentina, Brazil) and of course, some other countries like Canada or Australia. In other numbers, 15% of our visitors speak Spanish and 12% speaks Italian.

So, I just wanted to ask to the community:
Which of you have support in your own language? How many of you people know of Sphere/UO forums in your native language? And the most important one, which one of you do NOT have or know of a forum in your language? Will you participate more if we had a section for you?

We're trying to destroy barriers, and create a real community with your help.

Thank you,
I'm a non-english user but I don't know if there is a forum in my language, and I don't care because spherecommunity is the one with the f*** spherewiki so it MUST be the #1 of sphere forums!

Moreover I think creating subforums will not help: it will probably increase the number of accounts but they will be splitted in their own forums, thus not creating a real community. And I'm talking not only about who doesn't know english, but also they who know it and will be more comfortable speaking in their own languages.
I'm not sure, some people doesn't speak english at all but Cpt have a point, let's wait for other opinions. We are missing the Tutorial section too Smile
Maybe like other sites you can add a translation tab. This is defiantly a good option. also i think that sub language forums wold be great. Don't have lots of differet language forums just have one forum for each language.
A mi si me gustaria que se creara unos subforos generales para el scripting en español y quizas un foro para sphereserver, yo me puedo ofrecer de moderador de dichos foros españoles.
Un saludo ShiryuX.

Google translate:
To me if I would like to create a general subforums in Spanish, and scripting support sphereserver, I I can offer these forums moderator of Spanish.
A greeting ShiryuX.
yes, maybe us is the country that has forgot ultima online.
but as i know, germany, italy and spanish are very active on this side.
i'm italian, and we have a site that is http://www.sphere-italia.org
but as you can see, last new is Posted by Furio - 7-09-08 12:41 3-4 years ago Smile
so is a bit abandoned.
i always see that italian people prefer coming here because he can find a more experienced people, and also can find the sphere coders that can help securely knowing about what are they speaking about.
another site that is used, is http://www.uoshards.it/ that is the forum of italian shard listing and there are a section dedicated to sphere.

i didn't think that is a bad idea a italian language forum, but also i agree with Cpt saying that it will create a one platform containing a lot of micro communities that will give no goods to all tha community.
Instead, having a big community of sphere where all can give&take will create a biggest result.

the solution is for all to learn english and speak all same language. i am the first that should learn it...
I think there is still not enough people to create new subforums with different languages Smile
I agree with some points over here, the idea is to create just a section called "Other Languages" or something like that and inside JUST ONE subforum for each language. We don't want to create a new forum for each language, that would be a disaster and will split the people so much. In fact, if you check the forums, we have only a few sections compared to what Sphere was or to any other forum, if I add more than that it would look empty and people would go away, nobody likes an empty forum.

I'd like to hear the opinion of everyone Smile
Don't forget us. (Türkiye -Turkey) We have five ultima online platfom;
First and second web site generaly using for script helping.(mul editing, shards introduction,and etc.)
I support another language section.
En lo personal, expresarme en ingles, me "limita" bastante. Si bien los traductores son útiles, no siempre es la mejor herramienta para hacerse comprender.

Obviamente, estoy a favor de la propuesta y dispuesto a colaborar.


Personally, I express myself in English, I was "limited" enough. While translators are useful, not always the best tool to make himself understood.

Obviously, I'm in favor of the proposal and willing to collaborate.
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