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NPC Flags
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NPC Flags
I thought I'd spend a bit of time researching this this time before asking, but I can't find anything anywhere...

I'm setting up some various tradesfolk in Britain and want them all static in set locations - I can do this no problem using both Axis to set them up and get the locations I want them and then freeze them and manually edit the sphereworld.scp to put them exactly where I want them, but within the character is the Flags= line; clearly in this case (and I'm doing this from work, so I can't remember which it is exactly but I think it said 'Flags=020000000' or something like that, so the '2' must mean can't move or frozen).
Looking through other examples of Worldchar characters that people have posted after they've had problems, I've seen a bird with 'Flags=0300000000' so presumably that must mean flight or something, but is there a list anywhere with what all of these flags mean?
I've got Taran's scripting and various other texts, but none of them seem to deal with these flags in Worldchars
03-08-2021 08:31 PM
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RE: NPC Flags

And if you open sphere_defs.scp you will see there something like this
[DEFNAME stat_flags]
// apply to chars
statf_invul             000000001   // invulnerability
statf_dead              000000002
statf_freeze            000000004   // paralyzed. (spell)
statf_invisible         000000008   // invisible (spell).
statf_freezecast        000000010   // can't move while casting spells (used by MAGICF_FREEZEONCAST magic flag)
statf_war               000000020   // war mode on ?
statf_reactive          000000040   // have reactive armor on.
statf_poisoned          000000080   // poison level is in the poison object
statf_nightsight        000000100   // all a light to you
statf_reflection        000000200   // magic reflect on.
statf_polymorph         000000400   // we have polymorphed to another form.
statf_incognito         000000800   // dont show skill titles
statf_spiritspeak       000001000   // i can hear ghosts clearly.
statf_insubstantial     000002000   // ghost has not manifest. or gm hidden
statf_emoteaction       000004000   // the creature will emote its actions to it's owners.
statf_commcrystal       000008000   // the char can speak to a comm crystal in his bag
statf_hasshield         000010000   // using a shield
statf_archercanmove     000020000   // can move with archery
statf_stone             000040000   // turned to stone.
statf_hovering          000080000   // hovering (gargoyle flight)
statf_fly               000100000   // flying or running ? (anim)
statf_hallucinating     000400000   // eat 'shrooms or bad food.
statf_hidden            000800000   // hidden (non-magical)
statf_indoors           001000000   // we are covered from the rain.
statf_criminal          002000000   // the guards will attack me. (someone has called guards)
statf_conjured          004000000   // this creature is conjured and will expire. (leave no corpse or loot)
statf_pet               008000000   // i am a pet/hirling. check for my owner memory.
statf_spawned           010000000   // i am spawned by a spawn item.
statf_saveparity        020000000   // has this char been saved or not ?
statf_ridden            040000000   // this is the horse. (don't display me) i am being ridden
statf_onhorse           080000000   // mounted on horseback.

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03-08-2021 09:41 PM
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RE: NPC Flags
That was quick - I'm feeling like a bit of a dunce now - thank you for the quick response. I just wasn't looking in the right place - typical of me :-(
Keep up the good work - it's great to have a bunch of people ready and willing to help those of us giving it a go.
03-08-2021 09:49 PM
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