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britannia shard

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I am sorry to revive this thread but I have a big interest in this script, as I remember Lord British once said, on his UO world every animal had their own behavior and so depending on the players actions, you would end up seen more rabbits in the map if the players were hunting down more wolfs, and less rabbits if the wolfs were left alone.
I was wondering if such behavior its possible to be achieve on sphere or this would end up eating to much memory...
Anyway I think that it would be great if roaming around the world you end up seeing a wolf attacking a rabbit... don't you think??
There is also the matter of sectors sleep... hmm am confuse, anyone with more knowledge could wondering about please?


BTW Amazing script Skul, thanks allot!
P.S is it possible to update this script to the last sphere version? thanks!
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01-06-2014 11:06 AM
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This is not the kind of script that eat so much memory, just a var per animal group (rabbits, wolfs,etc) holding the total amount of each one killed in the past hours (just as a idea of how to handle the behaviour, there could be better ones for sure), or a defname per each group with all the npcs inside it (def.wolfs=c_wolf_gray,c_wolf_white,etc) and another holding race enemies (def.rabbit_enemy=wolfs), in any case, a @Timer in t_spawn_char reading more1 and checking for this would be more than enough, not a big deal for Sphere.
01-06-2014 06:38 PM
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