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Rules and Guidelines
Forum Rules and Guidelines:

These are some simple rules and guidelines, read and follow them to all times!
These rules and guidelines may be updated at any time, the members have the responsibility to keep up to date on these rules.

* Before posting a question, use the search function first.
A lot of your questions and/or concerns may have already been answered.

* Place new posts in the correct forum.
Read the descriptions to find the one that best suits what you're trying to find out.
Failure to do so will most likely result in your post being moved to that area, and you may have a tough time finding it later.

* When posting be descriptive in the subject line.
This way it will be easier for others to see your post when browsing the forums.
Subjects such as "Need Help" or "How do I?" are considered non descriptive.

* Do not post your questions in multiple forums, or make multiple posts of the same topic in the same forum.

* When posting script code use formatted [code] boxes.
A post full of script code without this will be difficult to read. Also when posting scripts please do not use [php] code boxes, I realize that they look nicer but they have the ability to stretch the forums out horizontally.

* Do not "bump" a post to get attention, people will eventually respond to most posts.

* Check the date of the last post in a thread before you reply to it.
There is no reason to drag old post back to the top of the forums if there is no longer any interest in the topic. This goes double if a reasonable answer has already been given in the thread.

* If a post is "locked" it is done so for a reason, do not re-open a new thread. Moderators will post a reply on why a thread is locked.

* Be respectful towards others. Treat others as you would expect to be treated, do not attack and/or "flame" others.
Not all users have the same experience that you may have, and therefore may require more help and patience.
If you come across a question that has already been answered elsewhere, do not insult and or attack the user for not finding it, just post a link to the answer in a reply.
Don't use obscene or offensive language.

* Do not use the forums for unlawful purposes.
Don't post unauthorized advertising. This includes soliciting other members to buy or sell any products or services.

* All the work done here is for free.
Any contribution is done in free time, without expecting anything back, if you don't like contributions be respectful so people contribute again.

* Private messages are there for your convenience, do not abuse it.
This means that all forums rules apply to them.
The forum member list is NOT your personal address book to send private message after private message.
Private messages should not be used for generic problems with sphere or the default sphere script pack, you will get help faster by posting these kind of questions directly to the forums.

Rules created by: Strider
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